Mobile apps and the customer experience

Every day around 30 million apps are downloaded worldwide. In a single day, I can use an app to order food, a cab, I can even pre-order and pay for my morning Starbucks with a single click of a button. Retailers, especially, are jumping behind the mobile app trend and for good reason. Apps are making day-to-day activities easier for consumers to accomplish, but they are also providing merchants with insightful customer information. Those retailers who embrace mobile apps as a powerful ally, are able to better understand their shoppers and improve the in-store customer experience. Here’s how:


More and more shoppers are relying on mobile apps when shopping in-store

The In-Store Guide

For many app savvy merchants, they pair discounts with in-store guides. As the shopper strolls through the store, they can find helpful product information, but they are also shown discounts based on where they are located. This can help retailers push certain products or have a better understanding of what shoppers are looking for during different time periods. Retailers can test discounts, introduce shoppers to different parts of the store and also know what products to offer deals on in the future.

Optimize Store Layout

One large retailer has successfully used sensors and Wi-Fi to track how shoppers move throughout the store. Based on the different routes the shoppers take, they optimize the layout and design of individual stores rather than creating one layout for all. By doing this, they can decide the best spots to put either new merchandise or sales items as well as pinpoint their high-traffic areas.


Optimize your store layout for a better customer experience

How can merchants go even further?

Retailers can take data collection one step further to maximize the shopper experience. In addition to customer information gathered via mobile apps, they can link payment transaction data to individual shopper profiles which helps to bring the transparency of the online world to the offline shopping experience. This ultimately improves the in-store experience even more.

Knowing the shopping behavior of customers enables merchants to offer more targeted information, services and discounts, all of which help reinforce customer loyalty.

Point of Sale vendors who already use the gateway technology from  Payworks can integrate Engage, which allows merchants to know the shopper behavior and transaction history of each customer. Every time a transaction is made, Engage generates a unique shopper identifier, which can be used to build advanced customer engagement and loyalty programs.

Data is a powerful tool for merchants. Even by implementing small measures, a world of insight can be available. By placing more focus on capturing shopper behavior and trends, merchants can better serve their customers and in turn, better serve their business.

Written by Jana Riddick, Marketing & Communications Manager at Payworks
First published on Medium on 03-01-2017