[Case Study] Payworks enables orderbird to enhance POS solution with card acceptance

Card acceptance and online merchant on-boarding are helping to make orderbird PAY the go-to choice for restaurants across Europe.

There are many Point of Sale solutions in the hospitality space which offer great features and benefits for their merchants. Especially for restaurants, features such as order entry, menu viewing, table booking, order tracking and even bill splitting are becoming quite the standard.

But what about card acceptance? It’s easy to assume that this would also be a standard feature, but for many solutions this is not the case.

Leading restaurant Point of Sale provider, orderbird, quickly realized the importance of integrating a card reader with their solution in order to meet the growing demand of cashless payment.



What did orderbird need?

Seeing more and more customers wanting to pay via debit and credit card, orderbird needed an option for accepting cashless payments. Ready to integrate a card reader which would enhance their offering to a fully equipped Point of Sale, orderbird needed a payment gateway which would offer a seamless and fast integration with their acquirer of choice, Concardis.

How did Payworks help?

Read the full case study here to see how Payworks helped orderbird enhance their Point of Sale offering with card acceptance in addition to streamlining their merchant on-boarding process.


Written by Jana Riddick, Marketing & Communications Manager at Payworks
First published on Medium on 20-04-2017