[Infographic] Top 4 Reasons Retailers Outside China Should Accept Alipay

Traveling abroad usually comes with several concessions. Payment acceptance is  the biggest obstacle to get around as you have to adjust to local currencies and payment customs.

China leads in outbound tourism and interestingly, in most countries, you can’t pay using Alipay. As the go-to payment method for over 520 million shoppers, Alipay allows users to make purchases with their app, so no need to carry cash or cards — they need just a smart phone. Retailers across Europe and the United States have quickly discovered the importance and convenience of Alipay for their clients and business.

With millions of users and great travel enthusiasts, Point of Sale solutions which have Alipay integrated offer merchants another selling advantage promoting commerce.

Here are 4 reasons why retailers outside China should accept Alipay:



Written by Jana Riddick, Marketing & Communications Manager at Payworks
First published on Medium on 09-08-2017