4 Tips: Why to leave a legacy Point of Sale

We often hear the argument that there is no need to make the switch from a legacy Point of Sale solution to a modern system because all needs are being met. Although this is hard to believe, some companies are unaware of the capabilities and advantages of using an updated POS system.

We’ve highlighted 4 reasons you’re traditional system should be upgraded.


Business Functions

When using a modern solution, the Point of Sale can be integrated with other business functions such as accounting, merchandising and employee management. This allows for more streamlined processes and communication between departments and also helps to simplify reporting. Traditional POS systems are often limited to accepting payment and in some cases, managing inventory. By upgrading to a modern system, you can save time and have more accurate data available, which helps resolve day-to-day tasks faster and more efficiently.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Whether you are looking to integrate your preferred CRM or create your own, having a modern Point of Sale enables you better use customer data. Integrating your POS and CRM enables you to implement a great customer experience by being able to quickly capture customer data, establish a more streamline process for loyalty tracking and even synchronize data in real time across multiple departments. Through modern systems, merchants can save time because the data is automatically extracted when the customer completes a transaction, unlike with traditional systems, where the data has to be manually inputted.


Omnichannel Support

As omnichannel strategies become more standard, there should be tools available which support a seamless and consistent experience regardless of channel. Legacy systems often lack the capability to support online channels. This means in-store and online channels have to use different systems and databases. With current Point of Sale solutions, all sales channels can use the same systems and processes, making omnichannel support a standard function.


Various Payment Options

Many legacy systems make it difficult to integrate new payment technologies leaving customers with limited options. Although traditional card acceptance can be included in legacy systems, there’s a growing number of payment methods which shoppers are utilizing including contactless and mobile wallets. Adding these options shouldn’t be a hassle and when opting to remain with a legacy system, this can be the case. Your Point of Sale solution shouldn’t be the reason you choose not to accept new payment methods.


Developers of Point of sale solutions can no longer stay complacent when it comes to updating their product and including the latest and best features. As merchants upgrade their technologies and include more sales channels, it will quickly become clear that their Point of Sale needs to match their needs. For both developers and merchants, the traditional Point of Sale has to be updated in order to meet the demands of today’s consumer and to support the technological advancements of tomorrow.


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Written by Jana Riddick, Marketing & Communications Manager at Payworks
First published on Medium on 25-10-2017