Black Friday Mania: 3 Point of Sale trends impacting holiday shopping

We’ve officially hit holiday shopping season. This means more shoppers are making their way into stores with one goal in mind — finding that special gift for their friends and family. Many stores have started offering deals and discounts earlier in the year meaning more consumers are starting their holiday shopping even before Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

For those shoppers taking part in the mayhem also known as Black Friday, here are 3 trends which will be seen at the Point of Sale:


Mobile Payments

In years past, card payment has always been highlighted as the payment method which will make the biggest impact during the holiday shopping season. Although this won’t completely go away, we’ll see an increase in shoppers opting for their mobile wallets and apps instead. Retailers will have to be prepared for more scan-and-go payment taking place at the Point of Sale and accommodate for those shoppers armed with just their smartphones. During heavier traffic times such as Black Friday, Mobile Payment transactions will aid in faster check-out sessions which helps to get more sales in and leads to a better customer experience.


Data Collection

In order to better the overall customer experience, retailers are increasing their investment in data collection to create more targeted loyalty programs. To make sure these programs actually bring revenue and repeat business, linking shopping habits and personal data to offer more tailored discounts and adverts. Shoppers expect more personalized deals and this is possible through data collection. Even during peak shopping hours, we’ll still see basic demographic questions being asked as well as loyalty programs being pushed in order to gain more information about shopping habits and preferences. For retailers, this data will lead to better inventory data, staffing efforts and of course, better customer profiles.


Unconventional Check-Out Lanes

There’s nothing more frustrating than standing in a long line waiting to check-out, especially on Black Friday. To help alleviate this pain point, we’ll see more mobile check-out lanes popping up. In addition to traditional cashier counters, sales associates will have mobile Point of Sale systems allowing them to accept payment anywhere in the store. This will reduce waiting time and move more shoppers through the store. Adding measures which positively influence convenience and speed will be the main focus during the holiday shopping season and on high traffic days like Black Friday.

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Written by Jana Riddick, Marketing & Communications Manager at Payworks
First published on Medium on 13-11-2017