Tackling the Point of Sale in Stadiums

There’s nothing worse than going to a sporting event and missing most of the action because you’re waiting in a never-ending line at the concession stand. Adding to the frustration, once you get to the counter and discover you can only pay with cash. Stadiums around the world are combating this experience by adding more modern Point of Sale solutions into their stadiums. This allows sales to be made from anywhere in the arena and onlookers can quickly and easily pay with credit card or mobile app.


Event-goers lose time waiting in long lines


Event attendees don’t want to miss out on the game, so offering payment options such as contactless, allows for them to quickly tap their card and go. This saves time for both parties and helps to increase sales as associates can serve more customers. Ultimately, stadiums can ensure their patrons have a great customer experience — from how they watch the game to how they pay for their snacks and souvenirs.


[Case Study] Payworks has worked with Kappture, a leading EPOS provider for Stadia and Leisure environments. With the need of adding anywhere payment options for their merchants, they needed a payment gateway which would allow for them to use their current Acquirer while giving their clients the necessary payment capabilities for game-day traffic.

Read the full case study here to find our how Payworks supported Kappture in implementing modern payment acceptance into their POS solution.

Kappture EPOS Solution



Written by Jana Riddick, Marketing & Communications Manager at Payworks
First published on Medium on 18-03-2019