[Case Study] cab:app & Payworks provide card acceptance to cabs in the UK and Ireland

A bit about cab:app

Invented by a London taxi driver, cab:app is the only mobile booking and payment app which connects passengers in over 90 cities with black cabs across the UK and licensed taxis in Ireland. cab:app operates a unique loyalty/rewards business model where taxi drivers are co-owners in the company and passengers are rewarded with cab:miles for journeys or sharing their rides with friends. Cab:app created the best POS solution for the black cabs in the UK – a solution that is easy to use, faster than any other, more reliable and portable. Cab:app chose Payworks to power their Point of Sale because of the fast execution time and the commitment shown during the process.

What did they need?

Having an innovative POS solution and a goal to offer the best taxi application in the UK, cab:app was looking for a payment gateway that will enable a swift card acceptance at the Point of Sale. Additionally, they were searching for a quick-to-implement solution and a fast way to connect a specific device, namely the Miura m010 card reader.

“We chose Payworks because we needed someone that can quickly integrate card acceptance into our app and really commit to it.”
– Derek Stewart, Founder of cab:app

How did Payworks help?

cab:app chose Payworks’ Pulse to be their payment gateway because of the speed of integration and the pre-certified Miura card reader, which enabled them to ship a complete mPOS solution in no time. Now, taxi drivers that use cab:apps application are able to offer card acceptance to their passengers, as well as contactless and mobile wallet payments.

What’s the situation now?

cab:app connects passengers in over 90 cities with black cabs across the UK and licensed taxis in Ireland. Since it is mandatory for cab drivers to have card acceptance in their cabs, cab:app is one of the few Point of Sale applications that offer an all-inclusive service for rides management, card acceptance and customer engagement.