[Case Study] Payworks enables Bugaboo to integrate payment acceptance with webshop

A bit about Bugaboo

Bugaboo International is a Dutch design company that develops and produces mobility products. What started as one man’s visionary design project has grown into a global brand that has helped millions of people to get out and explore the world in comfort and style. Best known for revolutionizing the pushchair market with the launch of their iconic pushchair in 1999, Bugaboo designs products that make life on the road easier. In 2016, they launched their new mobility concept, the Bugaboo Boxer, a luggage system that will help people rediscover the pleasure of travel.



2016 brought the launch of the Bugaboo Boxer – a new luggage system built to change the way people move while travelling. As a way to promote and introduce the luggage, Bugaboo decided to create pop-up stores in major international cities – New York City and London. As the pop-up environment is different from the traditional retail environment, a standard POS system would not fit.


(Photo by Jenna Bascom)

Bugaboo Boxer Pop-Up store in NYC


What did they need?

Bugaboo wanted to introduce a modern iPad based Point of Sale which would also integrate with their webshop. This would allow for an easy and convenient payment process for shoppers. They were faced with two obstacles: first they needed to find a way to integrate their webshop with a pin device and secondly, they needed to have the ability to work with different acquirers as the pop-up stores would be in different countries.


How did Payworks help?

Bugaboo chose Payworks’ technology to enable a smooth integration between their webshop and pin device. Payworks enabled Bugaboo to move away from their classic retail POS in order to fit the needs and environment of their new, non-traditional stores, all while working with multiple acquirers including Stripe and Concardis.


What’s the situation now?

Bugaboo successfully launched their new webshop integrated Point of Sale system for their pop-up stores in New York City and London where staff used tablets instead of the larger traditional cashier systems.


(Photo by Jenna Bascom)

Bugaboo iPad + integrated webshop POS powered by Payworks