[Case Study] Payworks enables orderbird to enhance POS solution with card acceptance

A bit about orderbird

orderbird is the provider of the award-winning iPad POS system for restaurants. It was founded in 2011 with the aim of offering a POS solution, which was not only affordable and intuitive, but also adapts to the needs of the modern restaurant business. Supporting restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and more across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, orderbird is regarded among the best POS applications in the restaurant business.


What did they need

orderbird brought a modern, tablet based cashier system to the market, allowing restaurants, cafés and bars to have a sleek, hospitality focused Point of Sale. With the continued increase in customers wanting to pay via card, they needed an option for accepting cashless payments. Ready to integrate a card reader which would enhance their offering to a fully equipped Point of Sale, orderbird needed a payment gateway which would offer seamless and fast integration with their acquirer of choice, Concardis.



Payworks enables card acceptance for orderbird PAY solution


How did Payworks help?

Payworks Pulse made it possible for orderbird to launch orderbird PAY. This has allowed orderbird to offer their merchants access to card payment acceptance and merchants can now accept EMV Chip & PIN transactions, contactless as well as mobile wallet payments.

Payworks supported orderbirds’ goal of growth and internationalization by supplying a technology which is built to promote quick business expansion. orderbird developers simply integrated the powerful Payworks Pulse SDK, which allowed them to add a card reader to their POS solution. Once orderbird had integrated with Payworks, the orderbird PAY solution could be opened for global deployment without changing the original integration.

At Payworks we understand the need for efficiency and quick reaction time. With orderbird, we’ve been able to put an online merchant on-boarding process in place to ensure top performance. The merchant on-boarding process has been streamlined due to the online platform created by Payworks. Merchants can sign up online for a merchant account and Payworks automatically forwards all merchants information to orderbird. Once the  merchant is approved, it is automatically set up on Payworks.

“Pulse is much more than a payment gateway & it enables us to better serve the needs of our merchants.”

– Chris Ziemann, orderbird AG


What’s the situation now?

orderbird is a leading iPad-based restaurant POS provider in Europe. With more than 7,500 customers, more than 2,000 are using orderbird PAY, powered by Payworks, actively. orderbird has now integrated their existing CRM systems with Payworks, allowing their sales team to easily offer orderbird PAY and automatically on-board new merchants. Visit www.orderbird.com for more information.



Complete Point of Sale solution from orderbird