[Case Study] Payworks enables YOCO to bring mPOS to merchants in South Africa

A bit about Yoco

Yoco is a technology-driven, customer-centric organisation, made up of thinkers, builders and connectors, with the desire to help small business owners. They do that by offering them the possibility to accept card payments anywhere and grow their business. Yoco launched the first version of their payment acceptance app in October 2014. Since then, they’ve been working with small groups of engaged businesses to refine every aspect of the product and the overall experience.

“We live to empower the growth of entrepreneurs in Africa.
It’s our most awesome reason for being.”
– Yoco

What did they need?

Yoco, entered the South African market with one single goal – to offer the best possible card payment acceptance solution for merchants. Operating in a very rapidly changing and diverse market, Yoco needed a payment gateway and a compatible card reader that will enable merchants to accept card payments at the Point of Sale and moreover, offer additional feature-rich tools that will enable them to operate their business better.

How did Payworks help?

Yoco chose Pulse to be the payment gateway that will power their application and bring card acceptance to all small and medium-sized businesses in South Africa. Yoco’s merchants can now make in-store transactions through Pulse, accepting card payments, contactless cards and NFC payments. As the leading POS innovator in South Africa, they went a step further and implemented Payworks Engage, providing all of their merchants with access to analytics and customer insights.

Yoco's app powered by Pusle

Yoco’s app powered by Pulse: Easy as 1, 2, 3

What’s the situation now?

YOCO is the largest MSP in South Africa. Since they have connected to Pulse, more than 4000 merchants signed up for YOCO’s mPOS solution, that includes Yoco’s app and a Miura m010 card reader. Today, hundreds of businesses are signing up with Yoco every month.

Yoco App and a Miura m010

Yoco App and a Miura m010