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Payworks Payment Gateway

Payworks Payment Gateway is the next generation technology for the Point of Sale. Through Payworks Payment Gateway, leading Acquirers, Payment Service Providers and POS Software Providers can cope with the drastic, rapidly changing payments industry. The Payworks Payment Gateway platform enables POS developers to quickly integrate omnichannel capabilities, allowing them to provide modern systems for their merchants with advanced capabilities such as central reporting, easy-to-use APIs and integration of new payment methods.



Simple payment APIs for quick integration

Payworks Payment Gateway provides a set of easy to use payment APIs to allow for quick payment terminal integration into POS Software based on Windows, Android, iOS or Web. The Payworks Payment Gateway platform is integrated into 100+ leading POS Software applications spanning a variety of industries and environments.

Payworks Payment Gateway has been built for developers by developers – this means integration can be done in a matter of minutes. Through extensive documentation, a wide variety of SDKs and APIs and a self-service setup, there are countless options for implementing card acceptance into your Point of Sale solution.



  • Provides flexibility for simple integration via Windows, iOS & Android
  • Supports multiple card reader models through one API
  • Easily integrate card payments and alternative payment schemes

Selected POS Software Integrations



Unprecedented reach with global connectivity via one single platform

Payworks Payment Gateway is integrated and certified with leading acquirers and payment providers globally. Through these integrations and certifications, we enable merchants to process credit card, local debit card and alternative payment schemes such as Alipay and WeChat Pay at the Point of Sale. In addition, Payworks Payment Gateway supports DCC providers in the US, Europe and Africa.



  • Provides connections in the US, Europe and Africa
  • Globally supports Alipay and WeChat Pay
  • Local credit and debit card support

Selected Payment Provider Connections



Supporting legacy and smart terminals on one single platform

The Payworks Payment Gateway Manager is the central hub to manage merchants, terminals and partners. Using the Gateway Manager gives you more relevant insights into your merchants and provides you with more control over your terminal estate. This is done through a variety of capabilities including central reporting, advanced support and debugging tools and advanced analytics to track the performance of merchants and terminals.

The Gateway Manager provides manufacturer agnostic terminal management and remote key loading & configuration updates. This ensures a streamlined terminal management solution. The Gateway Manager is fully P2PE compliant ensuring our clients are meeting the necessary industry compliance and security standards.



  • Manufacturer agnostic terminal management and remote key loading & configuration updates
  • Advanced analytics to track the performance of merchants and terminals
  • Fully P2PE compliant terminal and estate management system

PAX A920

The PAX A920 is an all-in-one Point of Sale terminal, which can be used both in standalone as well as integrated mode. The Android operating system opens up the terminal for easy development and deployment of Point of Sale software solutions for merchants.

The device includes an integrated printer & scanner and enables payment acceptance of all major card types via EMV, NFC, magnetic stripe & QR code. With Wifi or 4G connectivity, the PAX A920 can operate independently from the store's network or in mobile environments.

Miura M010

Miura’s M010 evolves the retail experience with true versatility. Now retailers can interact with customers wherever they go. Operate across the retail environment, both in-store and in pop-up or tactical locations.

Merchants can connect via USB or Bluetooth, can use on multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows, and accept payment types such as Magstripe, EMV and NFC.

Verifone E355

The Verifone E355 is an ideal solution for high-end and luxury solutions, whether used as a mobile or countertop device. Through it's sturdy design, the E355 terminal can handle rigorous retail environments.

It can be easily connected via USB and WiFi with platform connectivity to iOS, Android and Windows.

Verifone VX820

The Verifone VX820 is a high-power device designed for retail environments as it has been made for easy consumer use.

This terminal accepts EMV Chip & PIN and NFC payments allowing merchants to use the contactless function for quick and seamless payments. There's also the option to connect to multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows as well as via USB and WiFi.

Verifone P400

The P400 engages customers at the Point of Sale through a vibrant display paired with a touchscreen and a seamless customer-facing solution.

This Verifone device delivers flexibility for retailers with the tools needed to generate better engagement and sales. Merchants can accept mobile wallets, EMV, NFC and connect via Bluetooth.



Complete set of APIs for deep integration into existing systems

The Payworks Payment Gateway has an API-first development approach which exposes the full functionality of the platform via APIs. It’s easy to integrate Payworks Payment Gateway functionality into your existing merchant onboarding, reporting or management systems. The Payworks Payment Gateway can also be used for workflow automation on the client side, terminal management, data export, connecting with legacy systems and much more!

Utilizing the Payworks Payment Gateway APIs also enables consolidated merchant reporting with real-time transaction information via webhooks. The entire transaction payload can be received in real-time to provide your merchants with a single reporting source. This reporting includes merchant information, transaction amount and currency, the payment type and more.



  • Allows workflow automation on the client’s side, terminal management and data export
  • Ability to easily connect with legacy systems
  • Deep integration into existing systems and gateways

Payworks Payment Gateway – The payment platform

Whether an Acquirer, Payment Service Provider or POS Software Provider, Payworks Payment Gateway supports your payment acceptance needs. Payworks Payment Gateway helps our clients to launch new products, expand to new markets and transform their existing operations. Discover how Payworks Payment Gateway can take your solution to the next level!


Payworks helps acquirers to launch next level acquiring solutions to their merchants

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Payment Service Providers

Payworks helps PSPs to launch an omnichannel solution, fully integrated with existing systems

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POS Software Providers

Payworks helps POS Software Providers to launch their own payment solution for their merchants

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